R.I.P Major

Numerous amounts of events have occurred since I returned to blogging, and finally I have the time to post them.

But first I thought I'd let you all know that a fire truck just drove by my house with Santa on the back, which means North Heidelberg FC is having it's Christmas party today and that bloody trucks sirens is going to be going for a good half hour when the kids play around with it. Bastards.

Firstly one of my dogs passed away. R.I.P Major. He was looking a bit sick for a couple of days and we were going to take him to the Vet that day, but when I got home from work I found him beside the house, under a tree, stiff and cold. He will be truly missed.

The next day I got a $546 fine for driving my car unregistered. The rego expired the day before. Fucking cunts.

The day after that I was expecting something really bad to happen, you know the saying: 'everything happens in threes' but instead I received a letter from VTAC to inform me that I had been offered a place in Exercise Science at VU, which was totally unexpected. I was expecting an offer when the year 12 students got theirs in January. I have to enroll for that tomorrow.

I have been working almost every day recently and it's only going to get worse as it gets closer to Christmas. Which is good because I need the money, but also bad because I miss sleeping in. (Most of my shifts are morning starts)

I'm in a basketball grand final today, hopefully we will all play really well and win, and hopefully I will come out of my shooting slump. But this game isn't going to be an easy win, we lost to this team in the semi finals while we had our best player, but now he's in Africa so we're going to have to do something really special to pull off a win today.

Anyway I'm sure there's something I missed but I've got stuff to do, like watch TV.



And I'm back.....

Well it's been awhile but I'm back. I just got the urge to post again, not sure how long it will last for though. One main reason is the fact that I was getting more hits when I stopped posting, not sure if I should take it as a sign that I should never blog again, but I kinda feel guilty when I realise all these people come to my site and all they see is Stephen Jackson smashing a fan (see picture below).

Well I deferred from my course as I could not handle the core business subjects any more as they are just so damn dry (plus I failed half of them), so I'm changing courses next year, hopefully to something along the lines of Exercise and Sports Science. If I don't get excepted (which is a good possibility as my grades suck balls) I really don't know what I''m going to do, maybe I'll try to get back into my old course, but I think by the time the offers come out it will be too late for that option.

I also got another tattoo, a small tribal design on the inside of my left arm. This now makes two (I also have one on my back of the Southern Cross which says Made In Australia in the middle). I'm adding to the tribal design on Thursday when I get paid, that is, if I have enough money after I pay the rego for my car. It will take up the whole inside of my upper arm.

I also got a new job, it's pretty good and whole lot better then fucking safeway! It also pays $18 an hour. I don't want to disclose where it is for personal reasons but it's in the hospitality industry.

Well I'm done for today, till next time...